Bakon Vodka

Listen, we love bacon. We really do. There is no dish that can’t be improved with a couple of crisp slices of pig. We love it on burgers, crumbled and then folded into pancake batter, and even wrapped around asparagus and grilled.
But it’s gone too far. Bacon air fresheners? Bacon mints? And now…Bacon Vodka. It’s sheer madness.

We plan to review this as soon as we can get our hands on it. But it’s only available in five states and two online outlets, both of which list it as out of stock. But we promise, dear readers, as soon as it is in our possession, we will be drinking it on-camera for your entertainment. In addition to drinking it neat, we also plan to mix up some of the cocktails suggested by the company, which include a chocolate bacon martini and a “melon-wrapped prosciutto” highball.

If any of our readers live in (or plan to travel to) New York, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, or Montana and can find a bottle for us, please let us know!

One response to “Bakon Vodka

  1. Hey! We actually bought a bottle for our bar. It makes a pretty great Bloody Mary. Definitely a strong artificial-ish smoke bacon flavor.

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