Artichoke Liqueur?

One off-beat liqueur we plan to showcase in an upcoming episode is Cynar, an Italian bitter aperitif made from artichokes. The Wikipedia page on the drink makes it sound so appetizing, we just can’t resist! This is a direct quote: “Cynar is dark brown in color…Its distinct flavour is unmistakably bitter and strong, with an almost coppery aftertaste reminiscent of tarnished pennies.

What could possibly be more pleasurable than drinking fermented, metallic vegetables?

In this vintage commercial for Cynar, we learn that only a fool would sit in the middle of a busy avenue. And only a special kind of fool would sit there with a tall frosty glass of Cynar.

According to the Gruppo Campari website, “Cynar is a modern and versatile drink that is always welcome.”

We’ll be the judge of that.

One response to “Artichoke Liqueur?

  1. That vid screams ‘modern.’

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