Buffalo Grass Vodka

In our ongoing quest to find strange, quirky, or just plain gross alcohol, we’ve uncovered another candidate that merits serious consideration for on-camera tastings. After all, who could turn down a tall, frosty glass of toxic European grass!

We’re talking about Żubrówka, which is a type of vodka infused with “buffalo grass”, which grows in Poland and parts of Belarus. A few blades of the grass are inserted into the bottle for decoration. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll be trying this any time soon: the product was banned from being imported in the US in the 1970s because buffalo grass contains the toxin coumarin. However, it is possible to purchase buffalo grass vodka that has had the toxin neutralized.

This one isn’t as high on our list as say, bacon-flavored vodka, but we’ll get to the “safe” version eventually.

3 responses to “Buffalo Grass Vodka

  1. You’re both brave and amazing. I will never drink any of these…You should find some awful retsina…sort of like turpentine…

  2. Żubrówka is delicious — there’s nothing at all harsh about the flavor. It’s good on its own, or great with apple juice as a mixer.

  3. Actually, Zubrowka is a fine drink. Far superior to current fad faves like Belvedere or Grey Goose which are both rather mundane but have become popular by virtue of their inflated prices. The elevated proletariat have fallen into the trap that price dictates quality, which, in the two aforementioned brands, is the opposite, in my considered opinion.

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