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Episode 5: Super Special Iceland Double Feature!

Products:Brennivín & Opal
Alcohol Content: 37.5% ABV and 27%, respectively
Location Purchased: Iceland
Price Paid: Graciously provided by Ms. Creley

For this episode, we were joined by two guest stars: Tucker’s best friend Erin Creley and Erin’s boyfriend Paul. Erin studied abroad in Iceland during her college years, and still has two bottles of booze kicking around from her time overseas.

For this episode, we sampled Brennivín (a carraway-infused schnapps known colloquially as BLACK DEATH) and Opal (a salty mentholated licorice schnapps). These may seem like weird alcohol flavorings, but bear in mind that Iceland is a country where people eat ROTTING SHARK for dinner.

Both of these liquors are intensely flavored, and you’ll either love them or hate them. The Brennivín experience is sort of like drinking a loaf of rye bread that’s on fire and punching your esophagus as you swallow it. Opal tastes like…well, salty Halls cough drops. They both have a strange appeal, despite the weirdness of the ingredients. Tucker and Erin loved both of these drinks, but Paul and Tory were less receptive to the strange Icelandic beverages. Although, Tory and Tucker were both suffering from head colds during filming, so the Opal was especially welcome. So since most people who come into contact with Brennivín seem repulsed by the stuff, we’ve come up with a list of ten alternate uses for the stuff.


1. Make a pastrami and rye cocktail with it. Combine 2 parts Bakon brand vodka with 1 part Brennivín. Garnish with cocktail onions and pastrami on a skewer. Don’t actually drink this.

2. Clean your kitchen with it.

3. Spray it on weeds in your garden.

4. Use it to punish disobedient children.

5. We’re just kidding. There’s nothing fun about Brennivin.


The Dublin Wrap-up

…and we’re back!

Just got home from my trip to Ireland yesterday afternoon. I brought home 7 kinds of whiskey, two brands of cider, and a little something for the blog.

I knew absolutely nothing about this product, but when I saw this bottle sitting on the shelf at a specialty liquor shop in Dublin, I just couldn’t put it back.

It’s called Germana, and it’s a type of Brazilian alcohol known as “cachaça”, which is made by fermenting a broth made from sugarcane. I have absolutely no idea what it will taste like, but the fact that it is wrapped in banana leaves somehow doesn’t give me a good feeling.


Hey there, internet? Remember us?

We’re sorry we’ve been AWOL. Things have been a little crazy around here. And really, our livers can only handle so much punishment. But fear not! The Bad Booze Review will return!

However, I’m sorry to say that our hiatus will likely continue until next week. I am leaving Tory here to edit the Iceland episode while I spend 5 days gallivanting around Dublin quaffing very good booze. Oh man, let me tell you, I am excited for tours at Guinness and Jameson. It’s going to be an awesome trip.

So yeah. We’re sorry about not posting anything in several weeks, but rest assured that the Iceland episode will be worth the wait, as will our other upcoming episodes.

Still need your fix for bad booze? Well, let us point you in the direction of Steve, the comedic mastermind behind The Sneeze. He’ll teach you how to make your very own Prison Wine!

Hopefully that will tide you over.

See you next week!

Gaugalin (Opium Liqueur)

Gaugalin is a liqueur made from corn and opium poppies. The tag line: “Hallucinations are not included”. Now, alleged side effects aside, we can’t imagine this tastes all that great. Chewing on flowers doesn’t sound very appetizing, and chewing on something that might taste like opium also sounds a bit unpalatable.

Any leads to retailers that might carry this in this US?