Hey there, internet? Remember us?

We’re sorry we’ve been AWOL. Things have been a little crazy around here. And really, our livers can only handle so much punishment. But fear not! The Bad Booze Review will return!

However, I’m sorry to say that our hiatus will likely continue until next week. I am leaving Tory here to edit the Iceland episode while I spend 5 days gallivanting around Dublin quaffing very good booze. Oh man, let me tell you, I am excited for tours at Guinness and Jameson. It’s going to be an awesome trip.

So yeah. We’re sorry about not posting anything in several weeks, but rest assured that the Iceland episode will be worth the wait, as will our other upcoming episodes.

Still need your fix for bad booze? Well, let us point you in the direction of Steve, the comedic mastermind behind The Sneeze. He’ll teach you how to make your very own Prison Wine!

Hopefully that will tide you over.

See you next week!

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