Episode 7: Bakon Vodka (Part 1 of 2)

Products: Bakon (Bacon-flavored vodka)
Alcohol Content: about 40% ABV (80 proof)
Location Purchased: DrinkUpNY.com
Price Paid: $29.99 plus shipping and handling

In this episode, we test the age-old adage that everything is better when you add bacon. Will that conventional wisdom hold true for vodka and fruity cocktails? Let’s find out.

In summation: Bakon vodka is not for everyone. But if you are the sort of person who craves liquified meat (especially 80 proof liquid meat), then Bakon may just become your new drink of choice.

Coming soon: Bakon vodka part two. We’ll be whipping up three Bakon-infused cocktails, including a chocolate-bacon martini and a little number they call “The Elvis”.

8 responses to “Episode 7: Bakon Vodka (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Don’t lie… That bacon vodka was terrible. It tasted like salty uncooked ham water. I believe Molly described it as “tasting like dog kibble.” I suspect you have been desensetized to terrible booze after all your other reviews.

  2. Believe me, we won’t be drinking Bakon for pleasure. I’m sure there are some hard-core bacon enthusiasts out there who will love this stuff, though. Probably the same people who like Bacon Mints and Bacon Dental Floss.

    If there was some way to crisp up the taste of this vodka, it might taste a little more like real bacon.

    Here’s the thing. After Malort, we have a whole new standard for booze reviewing. It has to be pretty bad to top Malort…Bakon is gross in it’s own way, but it doesn’t make me want to vomit with the same urgency as Malort.

  3. I have a bottle. I think it’s really meant for a Bloody Mary. And it’s AWESOME in that. If you’re going to do a fair test, make two bloody marys (one with regular vodka) and compare side by side… it’s pretty amazing.
    I don’t normally drink it straight, but if you sip a smokey tequila or scotch straight you get just as much cringe. Seemed like you were expecting it to taste like straight bacon (the food), not an alcohol.

  4. We’re definitely going to make a Bakon Mary in part two!

    We’re both big fans of smokey, peaty scotch (Laphroaig, Talisker, etc), so smoke we can handle…but smoky meat taste is another creature altogether!

  5. Wiley stole the show at the very end! Bakon Mary just might be a way to use up the bottle!

  6. Aw….I miss Wylie already.

    1) She said “meaty..heh heh…heh heh”

    2) I love it when someone knows they’re going to ingest something really bad and says, “It has a nice color.” It’s called idealization and is a psychological defense mechanism. She was under duress – ex-vegan and all haboring horrible, life-crippling unconscious guilt.

    3) A smell was enough for the vegetarian. I think I’m scarred.

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