Episode 8: Cynar

Products: Cynar (artichoke liqueur)
Alcohol Content: about 16.5% ABV
Location Purchased: DrinkUpNY.com
Price Paid: $20.99 plus shipping and handling

Cynar is like Malort Lite…it has an up-front sweetness that dissolves away within seconds, leaving behind a bitter, herby taste. Made from 13 ingredients, including artichokes, Cynar is definitely pretty strange-tasting, but way more palatable than Malort. It’s definitely kind of off-beat, but not as revolting as some of the other strange things we’ve tasted over the last few months.

2 responses to “Episode 8: Cynar

  1. cynar: I think you could use it in brownies? You should make a batch of something using up the leftover horrible badbooze!

  2. I believe the color description you were looking for after adding it to the orange juice is “baby shit brown”. I’m surprised that key middle word didn’t come to you — but maybe your taste buds are still healing from the vodka…which makes me so happy I’m vegetarian.

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