February Hiatus

“When are you guys gonna post a new episode?”

“What’s going to be the next thing you review?”

“Where are you guys?”

Fear not, my tipsy compatriots. Tory and I will return in the first week of March. We were in Vancouver for the games, you see. Most people don’t know this about Tory, but he is actually a very accomplished ice dancer, and he was needed as an alternate for the US team. He’s got this cute little purple spandex unitard, and he’s got more glitter on his face than Edward Cullen.

Naw, I’m just kidddin’.

Truth is, he’s been busy with RPM, I’ve been busy beating myself over the skull to complete this month’s round of the 12 in 365 Project, and our booze-drinking has become recreational rather than educational.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

It’s called Retsina, and it’s basically a type of Greek wine that was traditionally stored in vessels that were sealed with pine resin, which naturally lends a piney sort of essence to the wine itself. In fact, there is a whole sub-genre of wine made this way, which is known as resinated wine. We found this on the bottom shelf of our local liquor store, so we’re pretty sure that this will be absolutely wretched.

Be patient with us, O’ throngs of internet fans. We’ll be back next week. Until then, browse the archives, check out the updated storefront, visit the other wonderful booze blogs in our links section, and send us suggestions of booze you want us to try on camera! And if any of you out there have had the pleasure of enjoying “resinated wine”, let us know what we’re in for, okay?


2 responses to “February Hiatus

  1. I actually like retsina…served very cold. But it is like drinking pine needles

  2. Erin "Skal!" Creley

    Get ready for the wine I’m bringing next weekend.
    Think Cynar and OJ looks like the Hudson? Ha! Till then, bottoms up!

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