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Episode 12: Rosa Regale

Product: Rosa Regale
Alcohol Content:
7 % ABV
Source: A gift from Tory’s mom

This week’s episode is brought to you by Tory’s mom, who tried a bottle of this stuff and found it so foul that she couldn’t bring herself to polish off the bottle. She claims it tastes like Robitussin, and it’s absolutely revolting.

Will our taste buds agree, or have we deadened them after subjecting them to Malort and Bakon?

Let’s found out…



Alcohol Content:
44% ABV (88 Proof)
Location Purchased: The Illustrious Dr. Bamboo
Price Paid: Friendship is priceless.

Dr. Bamboo and Tucker did a “regional booze swap” a while back. The point was to send each other bottles of alcohol that are rarely sold outside their geographic areas. The TTBBR team sent out a bottle of Newfoundland Screech and a bottle of General John Stark Vodka. In response, we received a bottle of something called Super Punch Jannamico.

We knew only three things before embarking on our drinking adventure.

1. It is called Super Punch Jannamico, which sounds more like the name of a Street Fighter character than an imported Italian liqueur.

2. It is not supposed to be very good.

3. Old Italian guys drink this once a year on Christmas.

You know what? I think that’s all you need to know. Oh, also that this episode is a musical extravaganza. Here’s Episode 11:

20 Things You Should Know About Beer

This is arguably the greatest infographic of all time. Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of mankind’s greatest beverage. (via The Oatmeal)

Great Article on Extinct Bad Booze

Stumbled across this great article about extinct titans of the bad booze world on Modern Drunkard. If you ever drank Zima, Ripple, or Billy Beer, this will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Episode 10: Retsina

Product: Achaia Clauss brand Retsina
Alcohol Content: 11% ABV
Location Purchased: NH Liquor Store
Price Paid: $9.49

Ancient Greece has given us many wonderful things. The Socratic method. The Iliad. Aeschylus. The Pythagorean Theorem. And wine. Glorious, wonderful wines sealed in elaborately decorated clay jars. But as we know all too well, not all wines are created equal.

Enter retsina, a wine both loved and despised by people all around the world. Retsina was developed during the time of Homer as a way to prevent spoilage (or to mask the taste of spoiled wine). Wine was poured into a clay jar, which was then sealed with pitch or resin to keep out insects, dirt, and what-have-you. While in storage, the wine would take on the smell of the resin, and a unique variety of wine was created that remains popular in Greece even today.

As with all types of wine, not all bottles are created equal. And while we usually strive to pick the worst possible thing to taste, it turns out we accidentally picked up a pretty nice bottle of retsina for this episode. According to this article, Achaia Clauss non-vintage Retsina Appellation Traditionelle is actually a pretty respectable option when it comes to buying retsina stateside. Truth be told, it was the only option available at the local liquor store.

Alright. Enough talk. Let’s get to the funny stuff.