Episode 12: Rosa Regale

Product: Rosa Regale
Alcohol Content:
7 % ABV
Source: A gift from Tory’s mom

This week’s episode is brought to you by Tory’s mom, who tried a bottle of this stuff and found it so foul that she couldn’t bring herself to polish off the bottle. She claims it tastes like Robitussin, and it’s absolutely revolting.

Will our taste buds agree, or have we deadened them after subjecting them to Malort and Bakon?

Let’s found out…

4 responses to “Episode 12: Rosa Regale

  1. I really thought I had a winner, or loser…I will try harder next time! I think I’ll have to search out of state. It’s pretty hard to compete with bacon vodka and Cynar, which made me shudder.

  2. It’s okay, sandy. Problem is they’ve drank stuff that would make a sewer puke. That has loosened their grasp on reality. They need to take a break and drink only really GOOD booze, for a few weeks, grow some taste buds back, and then try again.

    I bet if you had filled the bottle with Robitussin without them knowing, they’d have given the same review. Children’s Dimatap even.

    • What a grand idea! Just might mix something terrible with a vodka base…like Brussels sprouts or dandelion greens

  3. Since I’m the brand ambassador for MD 20/20, I naturally am interested in all varieties of value-priced wine. I must acquire a bottle of this immediately. For research purposes.

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