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Smoked Salmon Vodka

You know, we used to say that Sarah Palin was the worst thing to ever come out of Wasilla. Until now.

Introducing Smoked Salmon Vodka, a creation from the Alaska Distillery in Wasilla.

Want to know how they make it?

“The five-year-old Alaska Distillery uses all Alaska products when it can: grain from Delta Junction, potatoes from the Matanuska-Susitna valley, glacier ice from Prince William Sound, and now salmon caught in the Gulf of Alaska.

The key to the newest vodka’s flavor is how they smoke the salmon, and that’s a trade secret.

Once the fish is smoked, the skin is removed and employees masticate the fillets. The chunks are placed into a large vat, where highly concentrated ethanol is mixed in.

From that stew is pulled the flavor, rich color and essence of the salmon.

“From there, we strain it out, and we take the fluid, which now is very concentrated smoked salmon essence, and we add that to our vodka. We do a cold infusion process, we filter it a couple more times, and out the door it goes,” Foster said.”


After our last encounter with a smoky, meat-based vodka, we have a feeling that this offering from Alaska is going to be pretty revolting. We’ll review it as soon as we can get our hands on it.



According to this article, our humble blog is one of the most amazing mixology blogs ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET. Also featured are friends of the blog Dr. Bamboo and A Jigger of Blog. Distinguished company indeed!

Our mothers will be so proud.

Awesome Infographic

Fan of the blog Cate created an awesome infographic about alcohol. Check out the full image here!