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Pulque and Spike Your Juice Fermentation Kit Review (via The AV Club)

Earlier this week, The AV Club conducted a taste test of two alcoholic beverages that sound just plain nasty.

First off was Pulque, a milk-colored alcohol made by fermenting the agave plant. One reviewer generously proclaimed “[It] doesn’t have much flavor. Just kinda mucilaginous.”

Next up, they tried using a fermentation kit from Spike Your Juice, the results of which prompted one taste to say, “Oh homemade wine, you bring back childhood memories of when my juice box would sit in the sun too long.”

Want to read more (and see some footage)? Check it out here!


From Absinthe to Lizard Wine: An Awesome Blog Post on NileGuide

NileGuide just came out with a great round-up of some strange and terrible boozes from around the world.

Yeah, I said “boozes”. That’s totally the correct plural form of booze.

Anyway, you should go check it out. They talked about stuff we’ve already tried like Cynar and cachaça, as well as stuff we haven’t been able to get our hands on yet like Yogurito and Maotai.