Episode 13: Underberg

Product: Underberg
Alcohol Content: 44% ABV (88 Proof)
Location Purchased: NH Liquor Store
Price Paid: $4.99 for a package of three 20 ml bottles

Underberg is a bitter digestif that hails from Germany, and contains 43 individual herbs and botanicals. Will it be the worst thing we’ve ever tasted, or will it be surprisingly tasty?

7 responses to “Episode 13: Underberg

  1. Yeah! a new review of something I will never try!

  2. Erin "Skal!" Creley

    Please don’t feel like you need to save any of those tiny bottles for when I come and visit. Please.

  3. Ladies, ladies….All I’m saying is that there happens to be one tiny, lonely bottle left over. It’s just shivering in our freezer. Somebody needs to come over and drink it. 🙂

  4. I found your reviews almost entirely by accident, and have been enthralled since. I’ve bought some Jeppson’s and have now found a new favourite drink. I was wondering, is this Underberg anything like salmiakkikossu (salmiakki Koskenkorva viina, Finnish salt liquourice with Finnish vokda)? If so, I may have to invest in some. Thanks, guys, and keep up the great work!

  5. Salted licorice was one of my favorite candies growing up. The Underberg tastes a little bit like that, but with a lot more herbal undertones. Have you ever tried Opal, the Icelandic drink? It’s a little bit like that. 🙂

  6. Despite the instructions to drink the contents of the bottle in one go, I’ve discovered I like it dumped into a tall glass of ginger ale and ice. I think it may have cocktail potential too *rubs hands together mad scientist-style*

    Also, awesome Captain Hammer shirt!

  7. Salted licorice Danish? Herb?

    Sounds like the best thing you two have had so far. I will be back in March I’m sure and I hope that last “little bundle of joy” is not there when I arrive.

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