First Anniversary Boozetacular!

ebola mary

Oh, the horror. The pain. The indescribable taste of all-new flavor combinations. These, dear friends, are the worst cocktails ever devised.

Happy Anniversary, indeed.

5 responses to “First Anniversary Boozetacular!

  1. You guys rock…

  2. First: Congrats on one one year of bad booze!
    Second: Your faces after tasting the Bakon Malortini…epic.
    Third: My stomach lurched a little when you dumped the Italian Stallion into the Ebola Mary.
    Fourth: You both deserve a medal. And some Tums.

  3. Ummmm…. aaaaaahhha… uuuummmmm….

    (603) 271-6762
    I think you guys need that.

  4. Erin "Skal!" Creley

    Hhhhhhappy -belated- Birthdanniversary!

    If that’s how people in the Dirty D celebrate remind me not to come on New Years. Moet Mallortinis at Midnight? Ebola Bloody Marys at the ball drop?

    Drinking any of the atrocities you showcased is something up with which I will not put.

    ps. you may need to have a x-mas special after the holidays… 😉

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