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Four Loko Furor

By now, most of you have probably heard about the FourLokoPocalypse. Four Loko is a caffeine-laced malt beverage containing caffeine as well as up to 12 percent alcohol by volume, and is under fire because of the “dangerous” combination of alcohol and caffeine. The drink reportedly made a bunch of college students sick in Washington state, and has been banned in both Washington and Michigan. New York will prohibit sales of the drink after Dec. 10.

Thanks to a ruling yesterday by the FDA, Four Loko is effectively banned, along with other similar drinks like Joose and Moonshot. The drinks were pulled from most store shelves yesterday, and what with Four Loko not available within 50 miles of us, we thought we’d never get a chance to try this beverage before it was gone for good.

But what we forgot is that we have awesome fans, and one stalwart soldier managed to secure 4 cans from his local 7-11 just after they had been pulled from the shelves. That man, ladies and gents, is friend of the blog JIM KOZYRA, and you should check out his work right now at Lacking Direction because he is awesome and is providing us with some Four Loko for an upcoming episode!

Incidentally, another friend of the blog, the indomitable super-genius Larry Clow, has kept us abreast of how this FDA ruling might affect other products that feature both alcohol and caffeine, such as coffee-flavored stout or liqueurs like Kahlua. As of right now, it looks like the ruling only affects drinks like Four Loko, so lovers of espresso/coffee stouts are safe…for now.

Thanks again to all our wonderful fans, and if anybody reading this has some hideous Christmas/Hanukkah sweaters they’d like to donate for our filming this weekend, please let us know! We promise not to spill any egg nog on them! 🙂