Episode 16: Four Loko

Product: Four Loko (Watermelon, Lemonade, Lemon Lime, Fruit punch)
Alcohol Content: 12% ABV (original caffeinated formula)
Location Purchased: Chicago, sent to us by friend of the blog Jim
Price Paid: $2.99 per 23.5 oz can

Here it is, folks: the long-awaited Four Loko taste test. Thanks to our pal Jim, we were able to snag these four cans last year after they had been pulled off the shelf at 7-11, thanks to FDA meddling.

Joining us for this episode are RT, Our Hero, and Christ!, from The Waysiders Podcast (not safe for work, our moms, or anyone easily offended). Many thanks to the three of them for helping us drink all four cans. Doing it alone probably would have killed us.

3 responses to “Episode 16: Four Loko

  1. You must know that moms always watch…This was the scariest review!

  2. FYI you theme doesn’t work right on the iPad!

  3. I love your show – it’s hilarious! Thanks for the public service you’re doing by trying bad booze so the rest of us don’t have too 😉

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