Drinking terrible booze is a labor of love. “Research materials” are sometimes quite cheap, but when we special order certain items, it can get a bit expensive. Donations of any size would be greatly appreciated. Seriously. If you send us like, 5 cents, we’d get really excited because it means someone out there is actually reading this. We will also thank you for your donation on the blog, and tell you what your donation purchased.

A donation of 5 dollars pays for a typical bottle of swill (Boone’s Farm, for example, is like $2.97 a bottle).

A donation of only 15 dollars can finance the purchase a typical bottle of spirits.

A donation of 30 dollars covers the cost of special ordering a bottle of spirits from out of state (We’ve found so far that sometimes shipping costs more than the actual product!).

For those among you who can afford it, a donation of $100 entitles you to a special guest star spot on an episode of your choice. (Transportation NOT provided.)